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Southern Cable and Utilities Group, LLC provides expertise in all aspects of fiber optic cable construction. We specialize in the installation, inspection, and splicing of aerial and underground cable as well as a myriad of related applications.  As an industry certified company with a wealth of storm repair work, we are prepared and have been called upon as an emergency response team.  With over 25 years of telecommunications and broadband experience, SCU Group can manage and implement a broad range of projects. Recent projects have strengthened our experience in ADSS installation, stand and lash work, fiber optic cable installation, copper cable installation, fiber optic splicing, copper splicing, aerial installation, underground installation, top security  military installations, and inspection work. SCU Group, LLC serves our customers in multiple capacities.  Whether we provide our own experienced crews for project implementation, manage large projects and sub-contractors, or provide our experience for project inspection, SCU Group has the expertise and organization to deliver for our customers.

For fiber projects, we provide high quality aerial and underground cable placement and splicing.  Our crews and personnel undergo rigorous and ongoing training to keep their knowledge and skills updated for all cable-based applications. We also keep abreast of changes and improvements in work flow and technology allowing us to meet important deadlines while maintaining absolute quality control. Whether it is aerial or buried placements, we have the experience and resources to manage a wide variety of telecommunications projects and construction including long haul cable construction, ILEC and CLEC projects, fiber rings, HFC construction, and FTTx. Based in Atlanta, Georgia, SCU Group has the national capacity to deliver our resources as well as the contacts and experience to assemble personnel and field crews in almost any area of the U.S.A.  All projects include the involvement of our senior staff and engineers to ensure the very best quality control.  With competitive pricing, we reduce costs to our customers by eliminating issues and technical problems. We provide a seamless process that results in a successful final implementation.  By eliminating corrections, repairs and work flow mistakes, we save our customers time and money.